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Modular Chain Conveyors

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Modular Chain Conveyors are available with either plastic or hygienic stainless steel chain and are often used for handling food industry, small packs, bottle handling and/or when rapid speed and accuracy is essential.

Sometimes referred to as plastic chain conveyors, they provide for low noise safe conveying of product besides being extremely strong and of robust construction, which gives these conveyors long lasting reliable performance. They can be supplied in mild steel frames or stainless steel where food or pharmaceutical clean room standard is required, with fixed or variable speed drives, with or without side guides and can be designed with an adjustable height facility and grip-top inserts for inclines.

The modular chain conveyors are able to transfer product with radius using a single drive and as they can be supplied in various widths, are ideal for accumulation applications such as in food and beverages, pharmaceutical, processing and packaging Industries, which also can equally transport heavy duty products. Because of the low friction, sprocket drive and smooth surface of slat conveyors they are ideally suited for use in the labelling and packaging industry.

Accuweigh a+s provides complete integration and PLC controlled systems that can operate as standalone or be incorporated into new or existing packaging/production areas.

Roller wheels included in modular type belts are also used in sorting & diverting type of system with rapid speed.

Belt Conveyor
Belt Conveyor

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