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Special Purpose Systems

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01. Garbage Handling Conveyors

Accuweigh Automation has been a trusted name when it comes to conveyors for Waste Handling. We have successfully installed conveyors for various Waste Handling applications, may it be Municipal Solid Waste, eWaste or Factory produced Waste Handling.

Each of the categories has its own challenges & we have been successful in developing reliable solutions for each of them.

For Applications requiring Horizontal or Inclined conveyors, Flat or Troughed belt types and handling of dry or wet and oily waste, we have proven solutions for all your requirements.

Since Garbage production is a continuous process, you are the best judge to know how important it is to have a reliable conveying system to eventually result into continuous and fail proof processing.

02. Crushers

Crushers form an important part of Waste Handling Systems for BioGas production. Accuweigh Automations’ Centrifugal Organic waste crushers and crushing systems have been as reliable to be named as the heart of the system. Withstanding Continuous Duty Cycles and Crushing it all to a homogeneous slurry, The Accuweigh aCrush-110 does it all to feed your BioGas Digesters

03. Bio Gas Systems

The Accuweigh aBiocont-369 is a Container mounted complete BioGas Generation system, which comes along with a aCrush-1200 crushing unit for your Commercial Kitchen, A Container housed BioGas Digester and BioGas Control centre all in one package. Reduce your carbon footprint by using the Gas produced from your waste to cook in the commercial kitchen

04. Metal Detection Tunnel

05. UV Sterilization Tunnel

06. Vertical Lifters and Lifts

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