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We know, your conveyor line is your LIFELINE for your factory and what could happen in case of a breakdown. Productivity loss, Profitability loss, Damaged Brand image, higher mainte-nance cost & higher customer service costs.

Furthermore, conveyors of multiple brands means more headache.

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To solve this problem state-ment, we have come up with an AMC plan for your conveyors. No matter how long and compli-cated is your conveyor system.

No matter which make or brand or manufacturer it belongs to. Accuweigh Automation is a Single AMC Partner which will do the preventive and break-down maintenance for you.

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We have visiting service Plans as well Deployment service plans to suit the criticality of your requirement.

Accuweigh Automations Main-tainPro Conveyor AMC means reduced breakdown,and peace of Mind for your Production and Maintenance teams.

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